Let’s Create a Global Eco/Art Avalanche.

From environment.nationalgeographic.com

From environment.nationalgeographic.com

Mister Frank Liefooghe, the creator of this concept “Creation Assistance”, has hand-picked a selection of 50 artists and 120 creative solutions to the environmental problems facing us in the twenty-first century to participate in the exhibition as it travels to nine locations all over the world.  You will in due course meet all of them right here on the site.

But by no means does it stop there. First of all, we invite anyone who thinks green for trees and greenery, thinks blue for clean water and air , brown for an unpolluted soil to join us in bringing both new and existing eco solutions to the eyes of the general public.

And secondly, we invite artists from all nations to join us in creating a Global Eco/Art Avalanche and to show our joint concern for Mother Earth. We hope to inspire you to help us create such a storm on all fronts, be it politically, with big business and with art, that the world will just have to sit up and take notice. We owe it to our children and our grandchildren.

“Together, we can make a difference.”

Any and all efforts to help promote our project are greatly appreciated.