Green Dweeling.

From Frank Liefooghe:


For centuries three concepts were upheld, when building:

– durability

– efficiency

– Esthetics

This ecological dwelling goes against the mainstream:

1. The home has been built according cheap, fast and earthquake-proof principle and can be realised anywhere in the world. The building materials are natural and are not harmful to our health.

2. The building has been fashioned with a thermal isolation that leads to a constant temperature in-house. In warmer areas the inside temperature gets cooler and in cooler areas the heat is more easily retained.

3. On the roof one can install a vegetable or esthetic garden. With a vegetable garden of 5 by 10 meters one family can be provided with veggies and herbs for an entire year(plus/minus 6 people). The vegetation on the roof can cool the inside up to 9 degrees.




‘A landscape of the future’ is a visual expression or a nonverbal language
about a number of illusions, such as progress, civilization, art and nature conservation.
The installations can at any time be adapted to the circumstances.




Visitors of the exhibition have
to lay on the beds to watch
a number of images about the
subjects which are projected
inside the cones.