Nayra Martin Reyes: Water Sublimation Paintings.

Two examples of Mrs. Martin Reyes‘ paintings from her blog, which are also present in the exhibition:


On her site she posted this poem, from Jack Blig from 2013, to accompany them:

Water distorts,
Refracts and deflects,
Accepts and denies,
Feeds and famines,
Gives and takes,
The gentle altruist,
The common thief,
The revelator, above all
Water reflects.

Mrs. Nayra Martin Reyes studied as Erasmus student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, where she got a Master’s degree in painting, graphic arts and drawing.

She works at the S.M.A.K. Contemporary art museum of Ghent and is also Co-curator and Coordinator of Septenio in Belgium. (data from LinkedIn)

Septenio Project: a project created to promote and announce the creativity and innovation of the Canary Islands.

Meyke De Leeuw, “Care”

"Care" by Meyke De Leeuw

“Care” by Meyke De Leeuw

Meyke de Leeuw was born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands and has been living in Belgium since 2009.

Schooling: Academy of Arts and Design, Den Bosch.


Rechtbank, Breda (s)
“IC” Amphia ziekenhuis, Breda (M) (s)
“Care” Interreg IVB NWE, Lille, France (s)
“Onvoltooid”, Artots melkfabriek, Den Bosch (g)
Eindexpositie AKV/ St. Joost , Den Bosch (g)
“Uitzicht“, De Overslag, Eindhoven (g)

From Mrs. De Leeuw:

Surprised at mankind’s mistreatment of (his) nature, I began to digitally archive these disturbances in the landscape. This continuously developing archive forms the basis for my work. Sometimes this leads to unexpected appreciation, as in “Dirt dancing on the water in a cascade” from 2007. More often it inspires a work in which, through experiments with materials, I try to represent the landscape that was disrupted by Man in a ‘new harmony’. Next to this involvement with nature, I also feel involved with mankind; the diversity and their different situations (‘In Ideas’, 2008)

In the artwork the techniques and materials, but also the formats differ a lot. The choice of material develops gradually, following experiments with them that started with an idea. The materials and techniques should fit in with the character of the different elements in the picture, thus strengthening the work. The work consists amongst others of installations, projections, videos, paint, drawings and photos.”


Carl Uytterhaegen, Water Sublimation in Photos.


Click here to see the original picture.

When ice turns directly into water vapor without first transitioning into a liquid, it is referred to as “sublimation.”

Carl Uytterhaegen was born in Zottegem (Belgium) on 15 December 1944.
Professor emeritus of KASK (School of Arts) (Hogeschool Gent) (1972 – 2000) and of the Higher St. Lucas Institute in Brussels (1971-1977). Knight in the Order of King Leopold II.

Author of  ‘De Bijsluiter’ about documentary photography, photojournalism and photography in conflicts.
(Academia Press, Gent(B), 1999, 16×24 cm, 298 p., ISBN 90-382-0206-7)

Excerpt: “I consider photography as a bundling of personal visions and experiences, put into a picture, left open,
by which others have the possibility to discover or to project their own visions and experiences in that picture.
Art or no art, the most important thing is making good pictures. If this is art indeed, I am willing to accept this as such.
Yet, I wonder if the art critics, traditionally, cannot impose on us what has to be or what has to become?”