Pastel Artists

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An artists’ group on LinkedIn that favours working with pastels.

2,741 members

Mary Dunn, MPM

If you do belong to facebook, share your link. If you have a website, share that as well. Let’s support one another. Manager’s Choice

Mary Dunn, MPM

Project Manager/Gas Industry

Art Collecting Network.

* Let’s connect, let’s make a difference! *

From another great artists’ group on LinkedIn:

Announcement from Art Collecting Network Manager’s Choice:


Biographer of Boudewijn Buch and art collector Helene Kroller-Muller / Dr. at University of Groningen

Art Collecting Network has reached its maximum number of members (20.000!). This means that no new members and therefore no new opinions can enter the group anymore. In order to keep the group and its discussions lively, Art Collecting Network will turn into an open group. This means that from next Thursday (21 February) any LinkedIn member can participate in our discussions. Thank you for your understanding.

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Green Art for Contemporary Artists.

I urged you all to start networking in an earlier article and in the same spirit I draw your attention to a group of green thinking artists on LinkedIn:

Green Art for Contemporary Artist that are earth friendly

Announcement from Green Art for Contemporary Artist that are earth friendly Manager’s Choice


Featured Contemporay Artist at Pippin Contemporary

This group is amazing and we are so grateful that it is taking off. It is becoming a great resource for Interior Designers that are looking for GREEN ART. There are many different levels of GREEN and we encourage everyone to share what they are all about and how you are connecting to this EARTH.

Thank you again for participating in this group.

Let’s connect, let’s make a difference!

Networking for Artists?

This UML diagram describes the domain of Linke...

This UML diagram describes the domain of LinkedIn social networking system. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The CEO of a well-known company sent me a message on LinkedIn. He said that he knows lots of artists, who would all like to network and why don’t I start such a thing… Well, why not!

I shall look for every visual artist I can find on WordPress and follow them and pray that they do the same. There must be quite a number of us on this platform. Let’s mix, let’s mingle, let’s art-network! You never know where this might lead…

Let me start by introducing myself: I am Reginald Van Langenhove, from Belgium. Also known under my pen name Ralphie A Burcke, from I have not yet been able to make a living with my art, but I consider myself an artist, because I live and breathe art and will continue to do so till I die. Please to meet you!