Frank Liefooghe Bio.

Photo by Pascal Sagaert

Photo by Patricia Creyns

Mister Frank Liefooghe is a world-renowned artist, who by all rights should receive national treasure status in his home country of Belgium. He has taken his art all over the globe and this several times over. He’s on speaking terms with a lot of former and present heads of state and his list of important contacts is endless. He is amongst others a member of the Club of Rome. His art events are gigantic in proportions and most often he will endeavour to promote world peace.

Here are some examples out of the list of his numerous achievements:

  • In 1970, in association with the Municipal Museum of Amsterdam, he painted balloons of 80 meters height, called “Landscape of the Future” on the Isle of TI, which he juxtaposed to the natural scenery.
  • In 1978 in Jerusalem Frank designed a blue egg, 5 meters high that burst open by the sun and showed the star of David and the Arab Moon entwined symbolically.
  • In 1987 Frank Liefooghe went to the Cape Verde Islands, where he drew a peace dove of 400 x 200 meters. And 600 small trees were planted within the contours of the drawing.
  • In 1993 the artist went to the west coast of Sri Lanka. He painted 50 sails of fishing catamarans in the village of Negombo to help the local population in their struggle for survival, giving them a floating exhibition.
  • From 1997 Frank Liefooghe travels all around the world with his project “A Square of Equality”. It’s a nonverbal message on social; ethnic and religious equality. The art installation consists of pyramids painted in black and white by people all over the world.

Nowadays Mr. Liefooghe is concerned with the environmental challenges facing us in this, the twenty-first century. For this reason he has conceptualized the project “Creation Assistance”, which shall comprise works of 50 artists and 120 concrete and innovative solutions for the actual environmental challenges and shall travel to no less than 9 countries worldwide.

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  2. Thank you so much for following my blog! I´m really honored to have such a great artist as a follower! I´ll be keeping up with your work and your compromise with the environment!


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