The Project:


“Creative Assistance” aims to gather and highlight creative solutions for global environmental challenges of the 21st century, in particular the water related challenges.

Each and every one of you, adults aswell as youths, is warmly invited to share your technical solutions, to be applied in connection with their environment, aswell as creative and artful applications to enhance your own neighbourhoods.

The different solutions will be assembled in the project “Creation Assistance” and highlighted through exhibitions in different corners of the world. “Creative Assistance” will inspire people from all cultures and of all ages to come up with concrete and innovative solutions for the actual environmental challenges.

And the ultimate goal of Mister Frank Liefooghe is to get the universities and the business community to join us. With “Creation Assistance” he wants to jumpstart a new concept that combines ecology and economy: how can we perpetuate our prosperity using a minimum of means, help those who are less well off and at the same time preserve nature.

Maybe art will bring us the answer: every artist with some degree of feeling thinks it high time to focus on the environment. This is the basis for everything, because we’re not going to eat cars. The next step is to think how we can realise all this economically.

So far the exhibition has been to the Saint Michael’s church in Ghent, where it drew over sixty-thousand visitors. And it is currently in location at the BNP Paribas bank in Bruges until November, 11th. We’ll keep you up to date on its progress.


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