Carl Uytterhaegen, Water Sublimation in Photos.


Click here to see the original picture.

When ice turns directly into water vapor without first transitioning into a liquid, it is referred to as “sublimation.”

Carl Uytterhaegen was born in Zottegem (Belgium) on 15 December 1944.
Professor emeritus of KASK (School of Arts) (Hogeschool Gent) (1972 – 2000) and of the Higher St. Lucas Institute in Brussels (1971-1977). Knight in the Order of King Leopold II.

Author of  ‘De Bijsluiter’ about documentary photography, photojournalism and photography in conflicts.
(Academia Press, Gent(B), 1999, 16×24 cm, 298 p., ISBN 90-382-0206-7)

Excerpt: “I consider photography as a bundling of personal visions and experiences, put into a picture, left open,
by which others have the possibility to discover or to project their own visions and experiences in that picture.
Art or no art, the most important thing is making good pictures. If this is art indeed, I am willing to accept this as such.
Yet, I wonder if the art critics, traditionally, cannot impose on us what has to be or what has to become?”


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